Buy air bed – what to look for?

Buy air bed – what to look for?

Whether as a guest bed, for camping or for the night with friends: An air bed is suitable for many occasions. It can not only save space but is quickly addressed if necessary.

With us you will learn what is important when buying a mattress, as well as explain what you should look for when buying an air bed:

The size of the lying surface

From the narrow airbed with a width of 60 centimeters to the king size airbed with a width of two meters, you have plenty of choices. The length can vary between 180 and 200 centimeters. The size you choose depends on the space you have for the airbed and the size of the couch you need.

The height of the air bed

In addition to thin air beds with 20 to 40 centimeters high, there are also comfortable air beds that are up to a meter high and consist of several inflatable parts. While the higher models allow comfortable and back-friendly sleep, the thin airbeds are much less comfortable.

The material used

Although most airbeds are made of PVC, there are copies made of a mixture of vinyl or cotton. These are usually suitable for allergy sufferers, but they often cost a little more. On the surface of the air beds is usually a soft material, such as velour, applied. This makes the surface a little softer and at the same time non-slip.

Air beds for inflating or rather self-inflating?

Of course, there are still simple airbeds that can be inflated using a foot-operated pump. This always makes sense where there is no power connection. Convenient, however, are air beds with integrated pump. Some air beds include an electric pump or can be purchased.

Useful accessories

If the air bed should be stored well when not in use, a suitable bag is useful. This also applies if it is to be transported. If no air pump is supplied with the air mattress, care must be taken in a subsequent purchase that the connections of the pump and air mattress fit, or the necessary adapters are available. Repair kit, bedding, and inflatable pillows are other useful accessories.

You can find facts and figures on the Amerisleep site.