Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses

There are an independent testing institute that tests products and services. These include mattresses. The published results on various mattress tests, such as the spring mattress test, pocket spring mattress test, can be viewed in the respective journal.

Spring mattresses in different sizes:

Of course, various spring mattress types, whether Bonell springs or pocket spring mattresses, offered in many different sizes, including the pocket spring mattress 140×200 cm, a popular measure of mattresses. In order for you to experience the highest level of reclining comfort in your mattress, you should choose a mattress size that gives you enough space. Especially popular is the mattress 90×200 cm. But also spring mattresses that are longer or shorter than 200 centimeters, are available in the online Shop, as the trend clearly goes to longer mattresses. Previously, mattresses had a standard length of 190 cm. Even today, spring mattresses in this length are available, as many people still have beds in the old standard dimensions at home. The most popular size for spring mattresses with 190 cm length is the pocket spring mattress in 140×190. With the width, of course, you have the free choice, many mattresses are offered with a width between 80 and 200 centimeters. The largest spring mattress is available in 200 x 220.

Sizes of spring mattresses:

  • the spring mattress 80 x 200
  • the spring mattress 90 x 200
  • the spring mattress 100 x 200
  • the spring mattress 120 x 200
  • the spring mattress 140 x 200
  • the spring mattress 160 x 200
  • the spring mattress 180 x 200
  • the spring mattress 200 x 200

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