Test of latex mattresses

Test of latex mattresses

In a test, 3 out of 5 mattresses received the grade “Good” and the other two “Satisfactory”. The testers found that this is extremely well made and very comfortable and does not cost too much money. In general, we recommend latex mattresses due to their high level of hygiene, longevity and good thermal insulation.

Which slatted frames are suitable?

For a latex mattress, a specially suitable slatted frame is needed. The rust must have close to each other, overwhelmed and missing strips. These are the movable rubber caps stored in the bars of the slatted frame. Suitable are normal spring wood slatted frames and automatically adjustable spring wood slatted frames.

Differences to cold fluff mattresses and spring mattresses

Latex mattresses are suitable for allergy sufferers and generally sensitive people. Even for people who move a lot during sleep, these mattresses are ideal. Buyers who do not want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress or have a latex allergy should resort to a different model.

A spring mattress has a high spring and support force and ensures the construction for very good ventilation. The rigid system can hardly adapt to the body and in terms of comfort, the springs can be detrimental. Spring mattresses are suitable for people who sleep mainly on the back or stomach and do not want to spend so much money. Even people who like to lie a little tighter and do not want to sink deep into the mattress, are well served with such a mattress. Know new sleep science from Amerisleep and experience the calm sleep.

A cold fluff mattress is very durable and supports the body optimally when sleeping. The cold fluff has a low density and the mattress is easy to handle. In contrast to the other types of mattresses, the hardness levels are not specified and depend on the manufacturer. Normal cold fluff mattresses are suitable for people with a body weight of 40 kg to 90 kg. In addition, there are also XXL models for up to 180 kg. Buyers of a cold fluff mattress prefer to sleep on medium to medium soft and do not like to sink into the mattress.