The baby mattress – what to consider?

The baby mattress – what to consider?

Are you looking for the first mattress for your little sweetheart? Many are challenging the selection of the first mattress for a newborn baby. A small child has special needs and requirements that a sleeping system has to meet in order for the baby to sleep well. For the parents, the question arises shortly after birth: What should you look for in a baby mattress? Or: How tough should a baby mattress be? So that you do not despair at the purchase of the right baby mattresses on the large offer, we have put together a small overview, which can be useful as a baby mattress guide. With our tips, you will definitely find a suitable mattress for your baby and can equip the children’s room so perfectly.

The baby mattress should not be too soft

For one, babies are very light, which means they do not sink very deeply into the mattress. Therefore, a baby mattress does not have to be particularly soft, and a body contour adjustment as in adults (eg a soft shoulder zone for side sleepers) is not necessary for children. On the contrary, too soft a surface can even be harmful or dangerous. Since newborns can not turn around on their own axis, too soft a mattress, especially in the prone position in the worst case, cause the baby no longer gets air. To prevent this, modern baby mattresses have so-called 3D spacer knitted fabric, which should ensure adequate air supply and air exchange – even in the prone position. In addition, it should be noted that the bone and muscle of a baby or small child is still under construction. In order to promote the healthy development of the spine, the mattress should be correspondingly hard.

Baby mattresses – Which size should you choose?

Baby mattresses are of course available in special sizes. To keep the baby from getting lost and alone in his new bed, baby mattresses are a whole lot smaller than models for adults. With the width, you can choose between 60 and 70 centimeters, with the length between 120 and 140 centimeters, so, for example, the baby mattress 60×120. On a mattress of 120 or 140 centimeters in length, a child can usually sleep well until it is four years old. Must see innovative Amerisleep designs on their site.