Which properties should folding mattresses fulfill?

Which properties should folding mattresses fulfill?

Depending on the use of the folding mattress, you should think about the height and hardness of the deckchair. Since there are different models of the dealers here, it is worthwhile to think carefully before. Do you set aside a folding mattress for a short-term visit, or do you want to accommodate your somewhat busy guest for weeks?

These starting conditions are decisive for which folding mattress should be bought. Attention should be paid to a removable and washable cover so that the folding mattress can be put in a hygienic condition at all times.

What to look for when buying?


Folding mattresses are – like other mattresses – offered in different sizes. For example, for tall people up to 2.10 m in length, for wide people up to 1.00 m in width. Of course, there are also folding mattresses in the trade, which are intended for two people. Therefore it is necessary to check in advance for whom the sleeping pad is mainly intended. Practical details of a folding mattress in larger shapes can be straps that make it easier to carry the mattress.


The foam core of a folding mattress is usually between 7 and 15 cm high. If you like being comfortable or have increased body weight, you should always choose the higher version. Even models with a foam core plus a viscose layer are recommended for prolonged use or heavier people.


Although most folding mattresses are sold with the degree of hardness “medium”, there are quite alternatives (hardness “hard”), which should be used in accordance with heavyweight persons also.


The cover made of cotton or cotton blend fabric should always be removable so that it can be washed in the machine after use. The use of a sheet is also recommended to protect the folding mattress from contamination.


Even if a folding mattress should not be used often, the durability is still an important purchase criterion. Mattresses with a density of 50 or more are recommended because they promise a long-term quality.

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